• 25 September 2018


"Never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself."

Our lives would simply be improved - even escalated - if we chose to show up in the world practicing Genshai. The word Genshai is a word that awakens us. It reminds us to check in with ourselves and do our best to right what seems wrong within us and to utilize our innate excellence to impact the exterior forces that can seize us if we are not equipped to release their grip.

Who hasn't had a bad day? If you haven't, can we come live on your island? Who has had a great day? Sometimes that requires a village of people and positive thoughts.
A greata Genshai day requires perspective, love, putting aside judgement, expressing yourself, holding your own when you need to, caring for each other, acknowledging the benefit of the doubt, smiling, goofing off, achieving a success...on and on. The distiction happens when we choose to realize that even when you misstep, you must recalibrate and carry on. When in doubt look up. Take a deep breath. Put your feet in the sand. Ask and communicate.

Your touchstone is your Genshai coin. Keep it close as a reminder of the fact that you can, will and must be...the you that is imperfectly and perfectly YOU.

Live Genshai.